Radiant massage

Because the world is peaceful and happy when your body and mind are balanced and at ease.

Are you ready to feel radiant?

"Manita is an utterly rare gem. A truly gifted and creative healer in a class by herself. I was introduced to her 5 years ago after a severe accident, and was so impressed I have continued to schedule time with her once a week ever since. The time spent with her as a client has probably been one of the most rewarding and grounding health choices and gifts I have ever given myself or received from another. In my experience the uniqueness of her practice comes from the rare combination and application of genuine intuitive healing art and highly technical and knowledgeable massage practice. In addition to her remarkable skill, she is simply a kind, generous and non-judgmental soul that makes time with her a blessing".
Review by Shawn B, analog

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"It's like you're an expert reader and my body is a text, every time you "read" me I learn more about my own body"  -  Shawn

"See, you're so good at this that as soon as you begin working, my body surrenders and I relax, then the therapy is even more effective for me."    - Peter

"I appreciate you so much Manita. I didn't think I could feel this good so quickly after my accident."  - Nigel

"You found every spot that needed attention and thoroughly worked each one till it felt relaxed, thank you!" - Cathy

"How do you give such caring touch and stay so balanced and grounded?"  - Andrea

"I call that your "Spock move" - it feel like I'm in suspended animation, I can't feel the table at all!"  - Mike


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